Robert Castelli & BOOM!

London, United Kingdom

Brasserie Toulouse Lautrec

Apr 6 2023

Hailing from New York and now based in Barcelona, Castelli has been wowing British audiences since 2009. A regular presence on the London Jazz scene and at festivals, he’s had some of Britain’s foremost musicians as guests or part of his UK line-up. Castelli’s ‘Party at One World Plaza’ has been getting steady airplay in The USA, Canada, U.K. and E.U. This is Jazz at its finest: Jazzy, Funky, Swingin’ & Contemporary. Seat belts recommended!

“You feel carried away into the world of Afro-Cuban music, West African rhythms, jazz rock of the 70s and 80s with rhythm par excellence. It is your own fault if you do not move with such a rhythmic design!” – Ferdinand Dupius-Panther, Jazz Halo

Robert Castelli (drums, Comp)
Francesco LoCastro (guitar, Comp)
Marco Marconi (keys, Comp)
Jonny Wickham (bass)

Venue Details

140 Newington Butts

SE11 4RN
United Kingdom
0207 582 6800