Hi everyone,

I’m crowdfunding to raise the funds for my NEW TRIO ALBUM which is going to feature one of the top jazz sax players in Europe,  Max Ionata!
He’s leader in several projects and collaborates permanently with prestigious artists. He’s been playing in the most popular jazz clubs and festivals, working with great musicians such as: Robin Eubanks, Reuben Rogers, Clarence Penn, Lenny White, Billy Hart, Alvin Queen, Joe Locke, Anne Ducros, Steve Grossman, Mike Stern, Bob Mintzer, Bob Franceschini, Hiram Bullock, Joel Frahm, Miles Griffith, Anthony Pinciotti, Jon Cowherd, John Benitez, Dino Piana, Roberto Gatto, Dado Moroni, Stefano Di Battista, Gegè Telesforo, Giovanni Tommaso, Flavio Boltro, Furio Di Castri, Fabrizio Bosso, Enrico Pierannunzi, Mario Biondi, Ornella Vanoni, Sergio Cammariere, Renzo Arbore and many others.

Max has performed in Japan, China, Netherlands, England, France, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Switzerland, Denmark, Deutschland, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Perù and United States.
He is one of the most incredible jazz musicians worldwide!

I am beyond excited to record with my musicians and Max on the 8th of June at The Bear Club in Luton, which certainly is one the best places in UK to perform and record a live album just because it is acoustically fantastic and the actual atmosphere in the club makes me feel very comfortable indeed.
..Yes it is going to be my first live album and I am really looking forward to make it ..

The sound engineer I have contacted for this project is Nick Pugh who is one of the best in UK.
He recorded and mastered my previous Trio Album called “Trialogue” so we know each other quite well now that means that I know the way he works and he knows my music and my style and these kind of things are essential and decisive during an important recording session.
This album means a lot to me hence using some of the best resources possible.

To make this album a reality, I need your help in pre-buying it!  You can donate as little or as much as you want, with anything under £20 getting you a digital copy, and anything over £20 will get you the hard copy.  Up to £99 you will receive a few copies that you can give away as presents! Anything over £100, multiple copies plus a unique face time concert with me playing a song or two of your choice.   And if you feel like contributing a LOT more – then feel free!!



My previous album ‘Trialogue’ was released worldwide  by 33Jazz Records received such wonderful comments and 5 stars reviews by The Telegraph and Jazz in Europe (here has been nominated best review of 2017 with 14k views!)

‘New Roads’ is going to be  a mix of original compositions and jazz standards arranged by me.  I love all kinds of music and am inspired by lots of different styles and genres, so this album will be, as always, full of variety with pieces inspired by some of my favourite musicians such as Art Tatum, Brad Mehldau, Michel Camilo, Chick Corea, Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, and Bach (just to name a few).  If you like ballads, bebop, bossa nova, tango and even something more atmospheric and dreamy – then you may just enjoy this album! This is also my FIRST album out of 5 that will have a guest soloist!

I’ve been told my albums are great to listen to on long drives, while making dinner, having a dinner party and especially at Christmas time!

I’m very proud of every single new composition I wrote in the last  few months and very happy hearing them come to life with the band during the rehearsals. I can’t wait to bring this album to the world and release it in Summer 2019!

The £10000 will go to paying my musicians, our special guest Max Ionata, his flights, accomodations, the engineer, the club, the video makers, the album artwork/design  and manufacturing of the physical CDs.

I really hope to raise the money necessary as I really want my new music to be heard by the world, and hope to gain some extra touring dates with it!!

Many thanks in advance for your precious help

With Kindest Regards

Marco Marconi – piano
Tom Farmer – double bass
Emiliano Caroselli – drums
feat. Max Ionata – sax

September 2017 saw Marco Marconi heading for the Jazz FM to meet Chris Philips for an interview and to record 3 of his latest compositions from Trialogue live in the studio.

To listen to interview (The Blueprint on Jazz FM, Saturday 23rd September 2017), click on the MixCloud link and move the slider to 2:03:00.

Italian jazz pianist Marco Marconi made the bold move to live in the UK where he plays, teaches and records. His background is in classical music.

Marco recently released his third album, a trio recording ‘Trialogue’ and joined Chris Philips in conversation and in session on #TheBlueprint.

This is one of three beautiful compositions he played live. Enjoy the passion and virtuosity of this fiery Latin jazz piece.

Marco Marconi is a pianist whose music expresses influences and deliberate nods to many genres, from classical to jazz to pop with many in between categories known only to Marco and this, from the start gains him points because the appeal of this extraordinary player is broad.

Read the full review from Sammy Stein here: Review of Trialogue – Jazz in Europe

…What is engaging about this pianist is the layers he adds, the attention to minutiae which the ear either completely misses, which is fine as there are things going on enough to entertain or you suddenly pick up the additions, the extra little trills and linkages he inserts and you wonder how the heck he does it and is there more? Once or twice, the business almost got the better of me but listen after listen you genuinely hear more. The combination of a truly intuitive musician and the player with well-chosen tracks makes this album something of a gem. It is so easy to trivialise words and players by saying they are genius, or deeply talented and at the end of the day, each reviewer has their preferences. For me, this is honestly one of the classiest, varied and interesting albums I have heard and musically it is so packed with talent it almost is beyond description (almost). Those words often bandied about without meaning here should be applied and understood. This CD is genius. This is an album to have, play and listen again because it just keeps giving. An admission here is that if anyone had told me a while back I would be quite so enamoured of a CD where the main instrument is the piano I would question their sanity because none I have heard has the excitement and variety I need to remain interested right to the end. This CD puts that notion to shame. Trialogue genuinely entertained and delighted from the first to last note.

February 15th saw the Marco Marconi Trio performing live at Pizza Express Jazz Club in Soho for the launch of their latest album, Nordik, released on the 33 Jazz label last year.

It was a fantastic atmosphere and the Trio played with verve and imagination, inspiring the audience with a new style of sophisticated, contemporary jazz that appeals right across the board.

Technically incredibly challenging, the Trio moved through the repertoire with ease, showing virtuosity and skill with the changing rhythms and moods of each piece.  Most of the music was composed and arranged for the Trio by leader, Marco Marconi, who together with Andrea di Biase on bass and Enzo Zirilli on drums, breathe life into each piece, making it distinctively their own.

As reviewer Sammy Stein wrote: “Every so often the fates contrive to bring together musicians of incredible talent, put them in the hands of a good recording engineer, give them a good producer and the result is an album which is very special. Nordik is the result of such a series of events.”

If you were lucky enough to be at the gig then you will know exactly what Sammy meant.

Marco Marconi Trio review – smooth jazz with just enough sting
Vortex, London (Dec 2015)
Classically trained and cinematically inspired, Marconi leads his band in a set of impetuous rhythm changes, glossy contrapuntal playing and swaying swing

Italy’s Fazioli company, builders of the bespoke instruments that have as much budget-boggling attention put into their aesthetics as their musical virtues, in 2010 invited Marco Marconi to show how jazz could sound on their creations – and the Umbria-raised, UK-resident pianist undoubtedly feels like a Fazioli soulmate. He has classically trained polish, a focus on cinematically seductive melody as both a composer and an interpreter, and refinement of a sophisticated kind of smooth jazz with just enough edge to sting.

From the first notes, Marconi’s trio – with regular bassist Andrea Di Biase (who has worked with British stars including the late Kenny Wheeler and singer Norma Winstone) and understated drummer Lloyd Haines – sounded focused on letting the leader’s often romantic music breathe. Their opener was a rapturous mid-tempo ballad; they followed it with a waltzing swinger of sleek piano and bass motifs in unison, in which Marconi’s improvisations would gracefully roll through repeating treble figures with canny chord shifts beneath, while Haines’s brushwork and hi-hat accents fluttered and snapped.

Nordik, the title track of the pianist’s new album, displayed an attractively whippy melody of impetuous rhythm changes interspersed with swaying swing, and turned into a showcase for the leader’s glossy contrapuntal playing and for Di Biase’s ethereally dreamy upper-register sighs with the bow.

John Fordham, The Guardian, 3 Dec 2015

Full review here: http://www.theguardian.com/music/2015/dec/03/marco-marconi-trio-review-smooth-jazz-with-just-enough-sting 

“Every so often the fates contrive to bring together musicians of incredible talent, put them in the hands of a good recording engineer, give them a good producer and the result is an album which is very special. Nordik is the result of such a series of events.”

“Too High Don’t Try” kick starts this CD and from the start it is clear this is something different, a new take on the trio of piano, bass and drums. The swingy, mesmeric theme is relished by the piano, underpinned by bass and drums and develops into a rippling, writhing beast of a number with dare-devil bursts of speed set off by short, sharp chords. The drum solo from Enzo Zirilli is effective and very engaging and tops the number cleverly until the theme is re-introduced by piano and bass. It is not until the second or third listen that you realise how complex the piano part is in the second half of the number, and how astonishingly rapid the finger movements are.

‘Nordik’ is slower and the piano dominates but not in a brash way. The theme is structured and weaves in an out around some great improvising sections where the piano, especially in the mid section, leads but the other instruments willingly follow providing key support to Marconi’s riffling, fast fingered notations. There is a gorgeous piano and percussion interlude with the piano playing short little riffs and open chords and the drum supporting before the theme is picked up again by the whole group. Again, the fast fingered work of Marconi defies possibilities.

For the full review by Sammy Stein (Jazz In Europe), please click the link below:


A lucky meeting with Paul Jolly of 33Jazz after a concert at The Market Theatre in Hitchin, led to Paul signing me to his label in May 2015 and releasing Nordik, my latest album recorded with my Trio at the Fazioli Concert Hall in November 2013.

Nordik features nearly all original compositions which have been brought to life by my fabulous trio members, Andrea di Biase on double bass and Enzo Zirilli on drums.

We are looking forward to touring with the album at the end of 2015 with a launch gig in Jan 2016!