Marco Marconi is a pianist whose music expresses influences and deliberate nods to many genres, from classical to jazz to pop with many in between categories known only to Marco and this, from the start gains him points because the appeal of this extraordinary player is broad.

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…What is engaging about this pianist is the layers he adds, the attention to minutiae which the ear either completely misses, which is fine as there are things going on enough to entertain or you suddenly pick up the additions, the extra little trills and linkages he inserts and you wonder how the heck he does it and is there more? Once or twice, the business almost got the better of me but listen after listen you genuinely hear more. The combination of a truly intuitive musician and the player with well-chosen tracks makes this album something of a gem. It is so easy to trivialise words and players by saying they are genius, or deeply talented and at the end of the day, each reviewer has their preferences. For me, this is honestly one of the classiest, varied and interesting albums I have heard and musically it is so packed with talent it almost is beyond description (almost). Those words often bandied about without meaning here should be applied and understood. This CD is genius. This is an album to have, play and listen again because it just keeps giving. An admission here is that if anyone had told me a while back I would be quite so enamoured of a CD where the main instrument is the piano I would question their sanity because none I have heard has the excitement and variety I need to remain interested right to the end. This CD puts that notion to shame. Trialogue genuinely entertained and delighted from the first to last note.

The Marco Marconi Trio is recording its new album, Trialogue, today (19 Jan 2017) under the 33Jazz label at the Session Corner recording studios in Luton.

The album is going to be a brilliant mix of Marco’s new compositions, a standout medley of a famous film score, funky version of a Bee Gee’s number and stunning arrangements of a couple of classic jazz tunes.

Following on from their publicly acclaimed album, Nordik, it’s going to be a hard act to follow but the Trio is more than ready for the challenge.

For ways to support the Trio, visit Pledge Music Trialogue and be part of the Trialogue adventure.